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KB's Diary Brisbane 2010      
NPFC 22 – Brisbane 2010 

WOW WEE, I might as well finish there, two words that sum up the carnival. Apart from the success on field, I must say the spirit and mateship amongst the group especially from the 14 first time away participants was unbelievable.

 About half the squad went up a day earlier (Saturday 2nd October) to watch the rematch grand final between St Kilda and Collingwood. We had three vocal magpie supporters at the exchange hotel that day, Whits, Kev and Budgie. Budgie was well and truly on his way, probably the most intoxicated I’ve seen him on par with the opening ceremony in Tasmania in 2007.  

Thank god Collingwood won, it was great seeing the boys happy all week.

 That night was probably one of the best nights of the week, heading across the road to the Victory (which would be our local for the week). The night started in the courtyard until me and beaves found solace in the front bar performing karaoke. This was the night we would lose our voices singing many songs dedicating our love to Brisbane. The highlight of the night must go to beaves and tracker for singing Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby. 

We headed to the intercontinental hotel for the opening ceremony. The boys then headed to the Normanby for a quiet sip before preparing to take on NSW on Monday morning 10.30 a.m.

 Queensland was told they had to change ground at the last minute due to heavy rain. All the games for the week were moved to Springwood Football Club. It was a very sunny day in Brisbane however the ground was very wet with large puddles everywhere, quite weird really. Because of the late change of oval it was not prepared, the grass was very long encouraging all the bees to gather and work on the beautiful wild flowers that had blossomed. One of the Queensland boys got his trusty Honda lawnmower cutting the grass down the centre corridor 30 minutes before the game was scheduled to start. 

During the game Dutchy had a run in with a full grown cane toad kicking it off the park, (only in Queensland). We had four on the bench, later finding out the other clubs had agreed to have six on the bench which we would take advantage later in the week.

 There were some serious injuries inflicted to our players against NSW, Kev (knee), Patto (hand), Dinneen (elbow), and dutchy (knee). We couldn’t believe it, it was a war of attrition. 

Me, gatesy and budgie were on the boundary enjoying and concentrating on the game when Big Ed came off for a rest and kicked a large puddle of muddy water all over us. It was one of those classic moments not caught on film.

 The boys defeated NSW playing for Bill Crewes and Carl Boni memorial perpetual shields. Matt Whitty was deemed best for Victoria and Dean ‘Milky’ Kelly was judged best by NSW. 

Fairly quiet night on Monday in Brisbane, I believe some of the guys went to the Down Under bar taking over the place and enjoying each others company.

 On Tuesday I was very proud of our group getting up early to head to the Run to Remember walk. Each of the squad purchased a singlet showing great unity amongst the states. After a big day on Monday players were in no mood to run which was totally understandable. It was a beautiful 5km route walking and talking with our brothers from around Australia. We had a total of 117 participants covering a collective total of 585km, a tremendous effort. 

Tuesday afternoon was spent lazing around in the rooms, or at the Port Office Hotel. I gave Beaves a special task to go and prepare a BBQ dinner for all the boys. I knew he was very capable of doing this as he has his own Paella business. Beaves and Burger did a fantastic job also with the assistance of Kersh cooking, a tremendous effort by all three. Later that night was spent at the Down Under bar where the boys put on ladies dresses to get served at the bar.

 On Wednesday Marcus Kenny and Stewart Devlin arrived on the red eye and straight into the game against WA. After Monday we were hoping for an injury free game in preparation for South Australia. It was great to have had the privilege to run out with the boys feeling a part of the inner sanctum. I thought our backline was tremendous. In order to thrust forward there needs to be power from behind, that’s why the backline is so important, well done rooster and co. After the game I was very passionate about the Big V and went about shouting out beautiful V words some I cannot say in this forum however here are a few; Valid, Validate, Valuable, Value, Venerable, Veracious, Verify, Versatile, Very, Viable, Vibrant, Virtue, Virtuosity, Virtuoso, Virtuous, Vitality, Vivacious, Vivid, Volume. 

Best players for Vic (from memory, I think) were Topper Harley and best judged by WA was Stephen Owen.

 It was not the only win for the day for the Big Vics, later that night at the Port Office Hotel after the stand up act from comedian Marty Fields, the boys participated in the annual Boat Race challenge between the states. Many of you who were there in Melbourne 2008 would know we were embarrassed by NSW. Looking at the side in Brisbane was different, I knew we would take some beating. The team as they lined up were Kenny, rooster, milky, blacky, burgs. Heat 1 went well, and the boys had about 5 mins before meeting the challenger in the Grand Final. Not sounding too cocky however the Vic boys were already taking photos of the champion team even before taking a sip. The grand final started fast, we got to the second last bloke and blacky knocked over one of the Big V beers, with quick wit, burger grabbed one of the opposition beers and drank it, I put my beer down which had the exact amount of beer as the boys were drinking and placed it by the opposition. The spillage incident did not affect the overall result and the Big V had dominated and would take some serious competition in the future to get beaten. Well done guys, you made your state proud. 

On Thursday we took a chartered bus to Wet n Wild for the day. It was like 35 kids on the bus exciting about getting wet. The first ride for the day was the Kamikaze, nice start to kick it off, screaming like little girls. The highlight of the day was the Aqualoop, which required the person to step into a clear casing which was secured, the person was required to cross their feet and cross their arms. The trap door beneath them would release causing the person to free fall until levelling out travelling through the loop and end. Lucas (Kev’s son) missed out in the first attempt as he weighed 1 kg less then the required 40 kg entry level. So the next attempt the boys made a real effort to get the youngster on the ride, by placing a rock in his pocket, wet hat on his head. He made the limit and was ecstatic.

 Thursday night was spent at the Ching Ching restaurant where we had plenty to eat Players dispersed to various night spots after dinner knowing we had a big match the following day against SA. 

Friday we got on the same bus as the SA boys to travel to the ground. I was seated at the front of the bus and looked in the eyes of all the Vic boys getting on the bus I know they were focused and ready to perform. Kersh sent a text that morning reminding everyone. Friday’s weather proved to be the most challenging for the week, rain and wind.

 We set up audio equipment so that we could speak to Frank Eyre (father of Damian) prior to and after the game. Very emotion day for all the guys, I found a quiet spot to remember, spoke to budgie and track with a tear in my eye, track was telling me to be strong for the boys, later I saw him with watery eyes, it’s hard not to get emotional on this day.  

I couldn’t have been prouder of the boys that day, no matter what the score was on the board the boys gave their all every minute of that game, that’s what it’s all about. Stephen Owen got BOG awarded by SA and Top got the Vic BOG (from memory). After the game I was emotionally spent, it had been a big week and build up.

 Friday night always goes quick, the All Australians were announced Henno, Kersh, Whits, Harley, Nummy and Owen, Jacob (Coach). The Championship trophy was handed to Jacob. Stephen Owen received the Vic Player of the Carnival. It was then a quick exit and wardrobe change heading towards our local for the week ‘the Victory’. A big thank you to all the players, trainers, committee and support crew, you are fabulous, and hope all of you will be there in Adelaide in 2011 for a very important campaign. Take care and Be Safe.  
  1. ADAMS, Francis
  1. BARAKE, Ed
  1. BEAVIS, Stephen
  1. BECK, Daniel
  1. BLACK, Lindsay
  1. BLOOMFIELD, Nigel
  1. BUGEJA, Jacob
  1. BURGOYNE, Grant
  1. BRKIC, Kemal
  1. BUTTON, Andrew
  1. CATANIA, Chris
  1. CARTLEDGE, Lachlan
  1. CORNISH, Ben
  1. DACEY, Mark
  1. DEVLIN, Stewart
  1. DINNEEN, Daniel
  1. DOYLE, Deb
  1. GATES, Paul
  1. GELLY, Joy
  1. GILBERT, Warren
  1. HARLEY, John
  1. HENNEMAN, Aaron
  1. HOWARD, Scott
  1. KELLY, Dean
  1. KENNY, Marcus
  1. KERSHAW, Matt
  1. LAVARS, Bret
  1. NUMMY, Aaron
  1. OWEN, Stephen
  1. PABST, Daniel
  1. PERRY, Kev
  1. PETROU, Rob
  1. RHODES, Trish
  1. STEWART, Ross
  1. STEPHENS, Kade
  1. SYKES, Grant
  1. VAN DER VLIET, Brett
  1. WHITTY, Matt
  1. YOUNG, Dave
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