President's Message


I wish to begin by acknowledging the previous Presidents of the Victoria Police Amateur Sports and Welfare Society (VPAS&WS) and thank them for their wonderful effort and commitment to the Society. It is my responsibility to continue their good work and explore how we can continue to improve and grow the organisation while remaining true to the reasons as to why we exist.

The VPAS&WS was formed in 1955 and is the umbrella organisation representing the interests of over 35 police sporting and recreational clubs. The Clubs represented by the Society have a current total membership of approximately 4,000 individuals.

In 1995 the VPAS&WS introduced the VPAS&WS Sports Awards including the Most Outstanding Police Sporting or Welfare Achievement of the Year; the Victoria Police Sports or Welfare Administrator of the Year; the Most Outstanding Police Club of the Year; the Athlete Scholarship for the pursuit of higher achievement in sport; and the Police Sport Hall of Fame. The 'Most Improved Police Team of the Year' award was then introduced in 2012/2013 and is proudly sponsored by the Blue Ribbon Foundation. These sports (and/or welfare) awards recognise the achievements of individuals within each club and the outstanding performance or contribution to sport (and/or welfare) at any level.

There have been some amazing performances over the years that the VPAS&WS has appropriately recognised. These include individuals who have performed at Olympic Games, world championships and at the highest levels of their sport.

Involvement in sporting and recreational activities provides a number of benefits, such as increased levels of physical fitness and the development of a sense of belonging, teamwork and achievement. It is hoped that the efforts of the VPAS&WS will continue to help people take the first steps towards joining a club or even establishing a club that caters for their interests and those of like-minded people. Ultimately, our clubs and their members are committing to improving their lifestyle and personal wellbeing and at the same time promoting a professional image of Victoria Police in our broader community.

I would like to sincerely thank the volunteer administrators who do so much in support of their clubs. Without their efforts, there would be limited opportunity for current and retired employees, their families and associate members to participate in such a range of great activities.

I need to also acknowledge the ongoing support of the Victoria Police Provident Fund, The Police Association and BankVic.

In conclusion, can I please ask you to also think about the future and how we, as a Society, can do things better in support of our clubs. As I do not profess to have all the answers, I am sure there are many of you who do have some good ideas so please get in contact and let me know what you are thinking. Thankyou.  

Inspector David Wilkins

President, VPAS&WS