Most Outstanding Police Sports or Welfare Administrator of the Year recipients

Most Outstanding Police Sports or Welfare Administrator of the Year


Kieran Rodgers for his outstanding contribution to the Victoria Police Cricket Club; for being the key organiser for a number of annual Club events and for assisting in the development of the inaugral "Luke Batty Memorial Shield".


Leading Senior Constable Barry RANDALL for his drive and administration skills to increase membership; community involement and competitiveness of the Victoria Police Rugby Club via the World Police & Fire Games; the Blue Ribbon Rugby League Cup, and the Storms 'Country of Origin' Polynesian rugby leaguue carnival.  


Senior Sergeant Tim ARMSTRONG for his outstanding work for the Victoria Police Basketball Association, particularly as Treasurer where his research, innovation and diligence ensured that his club remained one of the best run clubs affiliated with the Victoria Police Amateur Sports & Welfare Society.


Mr Chris LEWIS (O H & S Consultant) for his outstanding organisational and administrative achievements for the Victoria Police Hockey Club since 2007.


Mr Glenn WOODHATCH (retired Senior Constable) for his outstanding achievements with the Loddon District Trap Club.


Leading Senior Constable Steve RAINEY for his management of this year's Australia and New Zealand Police Cricket Championships where the Victoria Police Cricket Club won the championships for a record 7th time.

Mr Vic HAWKING for his people management skills, commitment and drive in his dual position as Executive Officer for both the Victoria Police Amateur Sports & Werlfare Society, and the Victoria Police Games Federation.

Senior Constable Belinda JONES for her desire, commitment and leadership to re-establish the Victoria Police Netball Club, and the promotion of good health and wellbeing for the benefit of Police members and emergency service workers and the broader community.

Detective Senior Constable Steve RAINEY for his outstanding drive and enthusiasm to increase membership, and capture the statistical history of the Victoria Police Cricket Club in a publication that two years to complete.

Sergeant Darren COOPER for his consistent efforts to create positive outcomes for Victoria Police by organising the involvement of the Victoria Police Soccer Club in many local community and fundraising events.

Senior Sergeant Lindsay AITKEN for his outstanding endeavour to organise cycling tours for people of all ages, and his ability to expand horizons, and improve the wellbeing of members and their families.

Inspector Nigel HOWARD whose initiative, dedication, planning, organisation and ability to relate to all people have been fundamental to the continued success of the Homicide Cycle Team.

Mr Allan POCOCK (retired Supt.) for his commitment and devotion over 17 years as Treasurer of the Victoria Police Games federation, and for the recent development of the Games database.

Detective Leading Senior Constable Vince MANNO for his development of the 'On Side Soccer' program and his persistence to bring Police, Sport and Multiculturalism together.

Mr Ian (Mac) McKENZIE for his tireless endeavours as Secretary/Treasurer of the Victoria Police Axeman's Club for 25 years.


Senior Sergeant Ron SINCLAIR for his role as Secretary of the Victoria Police Soccer Club and his major success in the establishment of the Tynan-Eyre Cup and the Carty-Forsyth Shield.

Detective Senior Sergeant Pat BOYLE for his long involvement with the Victoria Police Basketball Club as an administrator.

Detective Senior Sergeant Bill NASH for his administration and successful financial management of the Victoria Police Ski Club since 1978.

Detective Sergeant Warren GILBERT for his long commitment with the Victoria Police Eastern Tigers Football Club

Mr Geoff BAKER (Retired Superintendent) for his long commitment as Secretary of the Victoria Police Bowling Club.

Sergeant Keith MARSHALL for his long commitment as Secretary of the Victoria Police Golf Club.

Inspector Danny BODYCOAT APM, B.S.Sc for his contribution to the running of the 1995 World Police and Fire Games.