John (Jack) O'Toole (1995)

Jack O'TOOLE was born in 1917 and he joined the Victoria Police in 1942. He retired in 1972, and passed away in 1983. He started working as a timber cutter when he was 15 years old, and commenced competitive woodchopping at 17 years of age. Between 1947 and 1971, Jack O'TOOLE won 22 World Woodchopping Championships at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in both under hand and standing block.

Jack held the World Woodchopping Championship for 27 years. In 1961, he won the single handed sawing event in world record time. He cut a 37.5 cm log in 27 seconds. In 1962 he set a world record for the 15" stnding block, taking only 45 seconds.

Jack was also the undefeated Victoria Police Heavyweight Boxing Champion from 1942 to 1955. He also played a number of Australian Rules Football games with Hawthorn Reserves. Jack was still the Victoria Police Underhand Block Champion when he died at the age of 65 years. 


Jack was inducted into the Victoria Police Hall of Fame in 1995.