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Constable Steven John TYNAN 25080   Constable TYNAN, 22, was appointed to the Victorian Police Academy in March 1985 and graduated six months later, finishing tenth in a double squad of forty three members, after service at Russell Street, Collingwood, and at his training station, St Kilda, he was posted to Prahran in January 1988. On Wednesday the 12th of

October, 1988 Constable TYNAN and his partner Constable Damian EYRE, were ambushed and feloniously slain while answering a call to an abandoned car in Walsh Street, South Yarra.   

Constable Damian Jeffrey EYRE 26483  Constable EYRE, 20, was appointed to the Victorian Police Academy in December 1987 finishing thirty second in a double squad of forty three members.  He had the opportunity of being posted to Shepparton for his training phase, but wanted to gain more experience in Melbourne.  After service at City traffic, he was posted to Prahran in May, 1988. On Wednesday the 12th of October, 1988 Constable EYRE and his

partner Constable Steven TYNAN, were ambushed and feloniously slain while answering a call to an abandoned car in Walsh Street, South Yarra.


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NPFC 21 Perth 2009 


Clearly the best game of the NPFC 21 was Friday’s game against the Big V and the HOGS (WA). On their home turf, the WA boys were very spirited and talented. In 2003 we lost a close game against the HOGS under lights at East Fremantle oval where Marty Atkins was running around and dominating. In 2009 Marty Atkins was still running around and we had to put ‘Rooster’ our Vice Captain and very good player on him to nullify his influence. We really wanted to play our best against WA and hopefully get a win and the Championship title. It had been a long tough week and the entire game was a very tight affair. We had several serious injuries including Budgie’s shoulder needing an operation, Rooster’s broken finger and Bully’s severely corked thigh. The boys showed great spirit. We were down by a few points in the dying minutes of the game, we needed some of the troops to stand up. Aaron Henneman and Scotty Howard managed to get their hands on the ball and use their skills resulting in a couple of goals. It was then a matter of defending a few nervous entries into the HOGS forward line before the final siren sounding. We celebrated a great win. It was a very draining game and we decided not to have showers and head for the double decker bus in our jocks, whether this has started a tradition we’ll wait and see in Brisbane during the NPFC 22. Big Thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers, you are all amazing. Take care and see you in Brisbane.

 Monday 5th October, 2009Vic 30.11 d Tas 1.1 

Best for Victoria judged by Victoria:                 David Timms

Best for Victoria judged by Tasmania:               Tony Lavars

 Wednesday 7th October, 2009Vic   15.15  d SA     3.6 

Best for Victoria judged by Victoria:                 Nigel Bloomfield

Best for Victoria judged by SA:                        Travis Bull


Friday 9th October, 2009Vic       10.8         d   WA          9.7 

Best for Victoria judged by Victoria:                 Scott Howard

Best for Victoria judged by WA:                       Aaron Henneman


Umpire Votes for Lewis-Allemand Player of the Carnival award            


Vic vs Tas

3. T.Bull (Vic)                          

2. M.Whitty (Vic)         

1. D.Timms (Vic)          



3. T.Bull (Vic)                        

2. R.McGahey (SA)            

1. M.Whitty (VIC)                   


WA vs VIC                 

3. S.Howard (VIC)  

2. T.Bull (Vic) 

1. N.Hansen (WA)


NPFC Player of the Carnival: Travis Bull   


Victoria Player of the Carnival: Aaron Henneman  



Kb's Diary - NPFC Melbourne Oct 5-Oct 11, 2008

The Championships started for me on Friday 3rd October, 2008 where I started airport transfers, picking up several of the WA boys who were keen to take advantage of their stay. Budge kept me company on the Friday and bought a slab to unofficially kick the carnival off.  On Saturday the 4th October, I picked up Bully and his fiancé Louise from the airport who came back on a midnight flight from Perth after attending a wedding there.  Bully being a great clubman decided to spend the day with me back and forth from Tullamarine to the Quest.  I think I rack up about 400 km’s on this day.   

Sunday 5th October, More of the same for Sunday the 5th October, more transfers from the airport.  I got back to the Quest, changed and heading to the Colonial with the guys for the opening ceremony.  To our amazement the pub was locked and everyone was waiting outside. How the hell could this be??  Then we realised the staff were inside getting ready for us. When  I got up to speak that night, I did want to make it clear what the week was about considering it was the 20th anniversary of the murders of Damian Eyre and Steven Tynan that weekend on the 12th October.  It was also 20 years of the Blue Ribbon Foundation and 10 years since the murders of Gary Silk and Rodney Miller and 20 years of the National Police Football Championships. My wife gave me the idea to raise money during the week.  I know every footy trip I have been on I have always accumulated heaps of coins during the week.  The theme of the week was to collect a heap of coins from all the boys around Australia to raise funds for Goulburn Health in Shepparton, home town of Damian Eyre.  Highlight:      Walrus from WA being the first person to put money in the tin placing a $50 note in the tin and saying “I was only going to spend it on piss”, well done brother.    $1000 of beer went in the first 40 minutes so the club decided to put on another $1000 for the players.  The guys stayed for about two hours then headed out.  The Vic boys headed back to room 822 at the Quest for the announcement of the team to play NSW on Monday 6th October, the boys then headed out and hit the town.  Some of the boys tried St Kilda, however even with their good looks couldn’t get in to some of the exclusive bars. Me, Bully and Smithy veered off then later caught up with all the guys at Star bar. Budge was being his normal shelf at the Star Bar, enjoying himself and dancing. Two of the NSW boys came up and started to mess around with budge hitting him in the belly and rib cage area, budge would lift his arms as they did this, if you witnessed this you’d realise why.  Budge was pretty much the biggest person at the Star Bar and the two NSW boys were the tiniest, like jockeys really.  Budge would then pick them up like little kids, it was quite hilarious really. Security then had enough of the NSW boys and they were politely asked to leave which was fair enough.  Then security asked Budge to leave which was perplexing because all of us were very well behaved and in control. Kev asked security why budge was being removed, without a reply security then asked Kev to leave. Several of the Big V witnessed this and headed outside to resolve the matter.  After getting no where with security, management came out and spoke to us.  Management apologised for the behaviour of staff and invited us back in. We stayed until closing then left towards home. 

Monday 6th October, 2008 Game day at Vic Park, it was cold and wet, typical Melbourne day. The BBQ and Beer stalls were set up and big thanks to Beesa, Burgs, Ed, Youngy and Ben for their efforts in this department. I would love to comment on our game unfortunately I was busy giving the boys a hand at the BBQ area and had my head down cooking snags the entire game.  The scores for the day’s games were; 

SA          19.14     128     Qld         5.5          35   

Tas         8.10        58     WA        7.7          49   

Vic         18.18     126    NSW      2.3          15 

Umpire Votes:  Paul Hattenfels, Matt Whitty, Daniel Sage  Monday night presentations were held at Colonial Hotel.  Management of the Hotel were very impressed with the numbers.  Presentations were giving out re best players, new comer Bret Lavars won the Blue Ribbon trophy.  Lowlight:    Being humiliated by the NSW boys in the boat race. C’mon Vics.  Majority of Monday night was spent at the Colonial catching up with our interstate comrades.  Some of the boys then headed down the road for a quiet sip. On our way back home a few of us boys stopped at a 7/11 for a bite to eat. The highlight of this experience was when Roscoe attacked Budgie and put him in a head lock while he was eating his pie.  Budgie was so protective of his pie, even to the point he stopped resisting and breathing to save his pie.  He even caught the pie using the back of the hand when he thought it was nearly gone, it was a remarkable move.  The pie eventually succumbed to its death and fell to the ground. Budgie then took hold of the situation, removed Roscoe, picked up the pie and threw it at him hitting his back.  The pie was all over Roscoe’s back.  Marcus Kenny who I thought was a really quiet guy went up to Roscoe’s back and scraped the pie off and ate it. 

Tuesday 7th October, 2008  Usually a rest day,however Victoria put it on for the guys with Kersh arranging a day at the Geelong Races. All the guys met at the Southern Cross station and we got on the V-Line to Geelong.  We had a function room overseeing the finishing post including drinks and lunch.  It was a great day.  Highlight:     Tassy’s (NSW) outfit and his antics rolling around in the grass with the ladies. He also won the free raffle that day.  He was on fire. Lowlight:   Getting beaten again in the boat race by NSW. Terrible.  That night me, kev, gatesy went out for dinner at Transport. We were definitely on the low-down after being at the races all day. We were about to call it an early night until something special happened, Gatesy finds out there is a Crown Casino party in the city. Nige and Burgs come up for a look. We stayed a while until Budge received one of many text messages from Beaver (WA) saying “I love Melbourne”, it also said to head to Euro Trash.  We headed to Euro Trash and met up with Beaver, JD and Gorilla.  Stayed at Euro trash until I went home to wake up to my little girls 4th birthday. 

Wednesday 8th October, 2008 I woke up early again suffering from extreme sleep deprivation. It was my little girl’s birthday and she was getting a new bike.  On this morning I met up with my in laws who had only recently came back from the NT and brought me back a Didgeridoo.  That’s where I came up with the idea to get both the Vic boys and WA boys in the same room together prior to our game to talk about what we were playing for (Silk and Miller Cup) and about the great relationship between the two sides on and off the field. I also wanted Panther (WA) to have a go at the Didge.  After the gift giving at my place I raced to the Quest to pick up the guys and then headed to Vic Park.  We were the first game against WA.  I got the WA boys in our change rooms before the game and talked about a few things, I then explained to the group how I rang panther that morning and asked him whether he could play the didge, he said he couldn’t play it continuously and he also said Gecko couldn’t play it either. It was then time for panther to play the didge.  As panther was playing the didge someone threw a 20 cent coin at his legs.  Panther stopped, looked around and picked up the coin and placed it in his sock. The room erupted with laughter.  Then panther started playing rap on the didge, it was hilarious and a memory I will savour for a long while. Thanks brother. Big Thanks goes to Whits for supplying the scoreboard and Nigel for running it all day.  Our game was played in great spirit.  Game day results as follows; 

Vic          22.17     149    WA         2.5          17   

Qld         9.12        66    NSW      6.11        47   

SA           19.9        123  Tas         9.2          56 

Umpire Votes:  Aaron Henneman, Scott Howard, and Daniel Sage  The boys then moved upstairs for the traditional Wednesday night entertainment.  The club decided to auction a Big V jumper, proceeds going towards the Blue Ribbon Foundation.  Tassy from NSW bought and paid $180 for the jumper. After we finished upstairs we headed downstairs for Johnno’s band Noxy Snood.  The Colonial Hotel was once again very impressed with the amount of people who attended on this night and I must say it will go down in history as one of the best functions arranged by the VPFC.  Well done to Budge.  Highlight:   Pumpkin (Tas) singing with Johnno. Went back to the hotel after another big night, I was really looking forward to Thursday and catching up on some sleep. 

Thursday 9th October 2008  After thinking I was going to have a great sleep in, what time do you think I got up? About 8 a.m.  It must have had something to do with all the red bull’s I was drinking during the week. Finally a rest day, tracker comes around to the apartment and we go out for breakfast, later on in the day we work on finances for the club. Kev and Bully took the SA guys to Walsh Street. That night was a very quiet night preparing for a big Friday. 

Friday 10th October 2008  You could not ask for better weather on this day, it was perfection.  The ground was perfect and the scene was set for a remarkable Friday, the game against SA for the Tynan and Eyre cup.  The club arranged for Frank Eyre to be at ground prior to our game.  We also arranged for Frank and his beautiful wife Carmel to stay at the Quest as our guests.  Gatesy had also planned something special prior to our game re the presentation of the Tynan and Eyre cup to Frank. I met up with Frank in our change rooms and spoke to him about what our plans were.  I intended to get the Vic and SA boys together prior to running out for the game.  I think it is really important that SA know what we play for.  Not many witnessed it but I had to leave the rooms while the Vic boys were warming up, I was actually crying uncontrollably.  I don’t know what it is about the Tynan and Eyre Cup that makes me so emotional and I can’t put my finger on it, is it the way they were killed, set up and murdered? Is it because they were so young and had their whole life in front of them? I don’t know. I said to Kev and Budge that I might not be able to speak in front of the group.  I’m glad I did. Peter Law, President of the Blue Ribbon Branch in Shepparton said that was the first time he witnessed Frank break down talking about his son.  It was special to see the SA boys shake Frank’s hand.  I, along with others will always remember this day. Out on the ground I told the WA and NSW to congregate up near the bbq to watch the presentation of the Tynan and Eyre Cup to Frank.  The Vics, SA, umpires and Frank lined up in one long line, Gatesy gave the signal for the Special Operations Group (SOG) to enter the ground. The SOG drove in front of all the players and parked near the Vic boys.  The members of the SOG then walked slowly passed our boys holding the cup heading towards Frank who was positioned in the middle with the umpires, I again had tears, I whispered to Kev, “I wish I was playing”. The whole experience was exactly what we wanted, a show of unity, brotherhood and respect. One of my highlights for the week thanks to Gatesy and the SOG. I was eager to watch as much as I could of this game, and after playing in many of these matches I knew how the boys were feeling.  When I witnessed SA kick the first goal, it didn’t bother me, after being so emotionally charged I knew our boys would settle down and do what they had to. They didn’t disappoint. Game Day results as follows;  Tas         7.15        57     QLD        4.10        34   

NSW      14.9        93   WA         11.3        69   

Vic          23.17     155  SA           2.1          13 

Umpire Votes:  Scott Howard, Mick Drew, Matt Kershaw  The song was sung beautifully with our arms around Frank. We invited the SA boys in for a beer.  We packed up for the day and headed for the Quest to get changed for the Presentation dinner.  As always Friday night is always a rush and we were already a half an hour late.  I bought some port for the traditional toast.  It would’ve taken ages for me to personally thank everyone involved in the week. I know I would’ve missed someone out too.  The most important thing to know is the people who helped out during the week know who they are and me, Gatesy and Tracker are eternally grateful. Thank you.  We attended the Laureate Room at the Telstra Dome for our Presentation Dinner.  During the week we collected the following trophies;  2008 National Police Football Championship trophy  Tynan and Eyre Cup  Silk and Miller Cup 2008  National Police Football Championship Player of the Carnival-Scott Howard (Vic)   Victoria Police Player of the Carnival – Winner 2008 Scott Howard  These trophies will go nicely with our other cups namely;  Mick Miller Shield MFB v Police Charity Cup  Guest speaker of the night was David Rhys-Jones. 

Life Members Peter Merrigan Paul Hattenfels 

All Australian Kev Perry Travis Bull Aaron Henneman Scott Howard Marcus Kenny Matt Kershaw Daniel Sage  The final total we raised for Goulburn Health was $5635.55.  A great effort by everyone involved.  After the presentation dinner we got changed and headed to Frank Eyre’s room for a sip before going out to see Noxy Snood at Bridie O’Riellys in Chapel Street, Prahran.  Friday night is always a sad night, everyone goes their separate ways and don’t see each other for another year.  We stayed at Bridies until closing then headed to the Casino.  I have to say I have witnessed the new Lucas ‘Albert’ Davies in Marcus Kenny, let’s hope we have Marcus longer then Lucas, and here I thought he was so quiet, how wrong was I. Anyway, start training for next year, I am really looking forward to Perth 09. Peace    

Squad List Melbourne 2008 

1.                 Darren Ball

2.                 Ed Barake

3.                 Andrew Barr

4.                 Matt Beasley

5.                 Nigel Bloomfield

6.                 Jacob Bugeja (Coach)

7.                 Travis Bull (C)

8.                 Grant Burgoyne

9.                 Andrew Button

10.               Ben Cornish

11.               Mark Dacey

12.               Matt Dean

13.               Stewart Devlin

14.               Daniel Dinneen

15.               Mick Drew

16.               Paul Gilmour

17.               Paul Hattenfels

18.               Aaron Henneman

19.               Scott Howard

20.               Shane Johnson

21.               Marcus Kenny

22.               Matthew Kershaw

23.               Bret Lavars

24.               Karl Lewicki

25.               Luke McClelland

26.               Alistar Meldrum

27.               Aaron Nummy

28.               Chris Obst

29.               Josh Olver

30.               Kev Perry (Coach)

31.               Jarrod Ross

32.               Daniel Sage

33.               Chris Smith

34.               Ross Stewart (VC)

35.               Angus Sutherland

36.               Rowan Weddle

37.               Matt Whitty

38.               Dave Young  Support Staff 

39.               Kemal Brkic (President)

40.               Debbie Doyle (Trainer)

41.               Paul Gates (Secretary/Team Manager)

42.               Joy Gelly (Trainer)

43.               Warren Gilbert (Trainer)

44.               Trish Rhodes (Trainer)

45.               Ken Sage (V/President


2007 Tasmania Summary

The 19th annual National Police Football Championship was played in Tasmania this year between 6/10/07 and the 13/10/07.  All six states played in the week long carnival playing games on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday in a round robin format.  Teams compete for memorial perpetual trophies such as the Tynan and Eyre Cup (SA vs Vic) and Silk and Miller Cup (WA vs Vic).  The carnival brings together police officers from all over Australia.  Many of the players have been playing for several years and the opportunity to participate, network and make great friendships each year has been fantastic.  The Victoria Police Football Club was happy to see Aaron Henneman (Essendon, AFL) graduate from the Academy recently.  In his first year playing police football Aaron dominating getting in the best players and receiving All Australian.  In all, the whole team played very well and the week was a tremendous success.  Victoria was once again victorious winning their games convincingly over Tasmania, Queensland and South Australia.   The carnival was played in Launceston and Hobart.  Monday night was played at Aurora Stadium, Launceston, under lights.  Wednesday and Friday games were played at North Hobart Oval in Hobart. 


2.30pm  WA       11.10 (76)   v    Qld   5.7 (37) 

4.30pm  SA      22.6 (138)   v    NSW   7.5 (47) 

6.30pm  TAS      8.7 (55)     v      VIC   17.8 (110) (Played in honour of Mick Miller Former Chief Commissioner of Victoria) 

Best Players:    T.Bull, S.Howard, D.Sage,    


10.30am            NSW   10.7 (67)     v   TAS   9.15 (69)       

12.30pm           VIC    35.13 (233)   v   Qld 3.2 (20)  

2.30pm            WA      10.12 (72)   v    SA 11.6 (72)           

Best Players:    R.Stewart, A.Henneman, M. Kershaw      


10.30am          NSW     16.18 (144)        v    Qld   6.3 (39) 

12.30pm          TAS       10.8(68)             v    WA   3.9 (27)
2.30pm            VIC        13.10 (88)          v    SA   7.2 (44) 

Best Players:    D.Pabst, L.McLelland, A.Henneman 

Victoria was presented with the National Police Football Championship Trophy at the Presentation dinner held at the Wrest Casino in Hobart.  Special guests on the night included David Boon, Pete Hudson and Chief Commissioner of Tasmania.  Victoria’s player of the Carnival was Matthew Kershaw (25 goals for the week).  All Australian Representatives and Life memberships were awarded to the following Victorian recipients; 

All Australian selections (Coach) Jacob Bugeja  (Captain) Travis Bull, Aaron Henneman, Scott Howard, Matt Kershaw, Daniel Sage, Ross Stewart 

Life Membership Ed Barake, (Trainer) Deb Doyle, David Young.                   

Tasmania 2007  

1.   BARR, Andrew                         

2.   BARAKE, Edward        

3.   BLOOMFIELD, Nigel                 

4.   BRKIC, Kemal                          

5.   BULL, Travis                            

6.   BURGOYNE, Grant       

7.   CARLUCCI, Frank                     

8.   CLINNICK, Tim             

9.   COLLINS, Damien                    

10.  CORNISH, Ben                         

11.  DACEY, Mark               

12.  DAVEY, Matt                            

13.  DINNEEN, Daniel                      

14.  FRASER, Paul                         

15.  GILMOUR, Paul                        

16.  HENNEMAN, Aaron                  

17.  HOWARD, Scott                       

18.  KERSHAW, Matt                       

19.  LANGAN, Greg                                    

20.  McCLELLAND, Luke                 

21.  PABST, Dan                             

22.  SAGE, Daniel                           

23.  SMITH, Chris                            

24.  STEWART, Ross                      

25.  SUTHERLAND, Angus              

26.  WHITTY, Matt                           

27.  WEDDLE, Rowan                     

28.  YOUNG, David                                         

29. Coach:    BUGEJA, Jacob                                                 

30.  V/President:   SAGE, Ken                                

31.  Team Manager:   GATES, Paul                                        

32.  Support Staff:  GILBERT, Warren                                           

33.                          DOYLE, Deb                                    

34.                          GELLY, Joy                                                 

35.                          RHOADES, Trish          



2006 Sydney 

Virgin carnival for the likes of Nige, Rosco, Bully, Scotty, Whits and Pabst. After a humiliating loss over in SA the year before, it was great to walk into the opening ceremony with the above guys. I felt pretty confident we brought a much better side away. Sydney carnival was excellent with great social gatherings. Songs for the carnival were ‘take that’ – Want you back and ‘the Killers’ – Mr Brightside.

2006 Police v Fire Charity Cup football Match

This was the game that unearthed the next tier of leaders and great players for the club including Matt Whitty, Daniel Pabst and Scott Howard. It absolutely bucketed down all day, Pabsty was grabbing everything coming near him (BOG). I was very proud of all the boys that turned up for this one and it will always been dear in my heart unearthing these great lads with great skills.

2005 Adelaide 

This carnival was a turning point for the club. This carnival will be remembered not for winning but for losing and losing by a great deal. Some may say it was the loss we needed to have. Although I’ll take winning any day, I do believe the loss did actually make our club very strong. 2005 was also the time our committee was coming to the end of an era for the club and a new committee would have to be made up after the carnival. The leadership group including myself relied too much on the committee to arrange everything including the players on the park. This in itself was a learning lesson and a good reminder for any future carnivals, the carnival doesn’t organise itself, each person plays a part to get results. Kev Perry (Coach) slipped a disc in his back and was unable to attend, we played SA on Monday (they thought they’ll hit us hard with fresh players), little did they know we were actually struggling for numbers and only had 19 players including 50+ year old Kenny Sage, father of Danny. SA beat us bad and embarrassed us. This will stick in my head for a long time and give me motivation to build our club into a strong powerhouse. On Wednesday WA beat us by a couple of points. This too was devastating, losing the Tynan and Eyre trophy on Monday and now the Silk and Miller trophy. On Friday we beat NSW by about 100 points with Francis Adams playing in the ruck and ex-Victoria resident ‘Chopper’ Hanley playing on the ball. Night life and social life was great, however I will be building and looking forward to come back to Adelaide in 2011 hopefully winning every game.

2004 KB’s Diary - Brisbane

My recollection of this carnival is memorable for different reasons, in the early hours of 8th October, 2004 my daughter Eden was born all 9.5 pounds. Although I wouldn’t encourage anyone else to do the same, I still managed to come up to Queensland for a couple of days for the NPFC while my wife and new born were at home. To this day I am reminded often about what I did. Nevermind, the memories of this week with live with me for the rest of my life and my daughter’s birthday each year reminds me of the carnival.I must give a big thank you to Alec and Pete for assisting me to fly up and back during the week having the opportunity to play against Western Australia and South Australia. During the week, Jonathon Brown, Craig Lambert and Blake Caracella (Brisbane Lions) came out to watch all our games during the week. Being Victorians themselves, the Brisbane boys loved watching the Big V in particularly listening to Kev Perry’s speeches.After the Western Australia game Browny awarded a Brisbane Lions jumper to Ed Barake who he judged the most courageous player on the ground for the day.Again Friday’s clash with South Australia proved tough, with South Australia kicking the first couple of goals. We had a couple of guns up front with Matt Kershaw and Michael Bilucaglia who supplied us with great targets. We won all our three games for the week. That night a few of us including our Coach Kev Perry and some SA boys attended a nightclub with Browny and the Brisbane Boys singing the Victorian Song many times, good times and great memories from everyone.

2003 Perth Summary  President’s message

Monday 20/10/03 WA soundly defeated Tas in the early game Victoria 11.7 (73) defeated SA 10.5 (65)A fiercely competitive game with the scores see-sawing all the way largely due to a firm breeze favouring one end. SA typically were a very big side and had a 13 point lead at the final break with Vic favoured by the breeze in the last quarter. We had not been consistent but played our best football in the last quarter and kicked 4.4 to 1.0 and ran out winners by 7 points. Award winners for Victoria were Kemal BRKIC (picked by SA as our best player), Luke DAVIES, Jacob BUGEJA, Brad POWELL and Chris McGEACHANLuke DAVIES playing his first game of carnival football rucked tirelessly all game against a big quartet of SA ruckman (including one from the Adelaide Crows) and provided us with good use of the ball from the middle. We got through the game without major injuries and started to think about playing WA as the night game on the Wednesday. 

Wednesday - 22/10/03 SA also soundly defeated a competitive Tasmanian side boosted by a number of WA players who could not get into the best WA thirty.  WA 8.5 (53) defeated Victoria 6.5 (41)A very good WA side including their best WAFL players were just a tad to strong for us in a very hard and low scoring game again effected by the majority of scoring being to one end. WA lead by 20 points at the final break and defended strongly to keep us out. WA gave a very polished exhibition and had a good blend of quick's and tall's - having said that the scores clearly indicate we were not that far short and with a few breaks going our way could have gone much closer. (Marty ATKINS was adjudged b.o.g by the umpires and was very difficult to match up on - he went forward with the breeze and kicked a couple of handy goals and then played across half-back when we had the breeze.) Award winners for Victoria were Chris McGEACHAN (picked by WA as our best player) Adam HANLEY, Shane JOHNSON, Luke McCLELLAND and Paul HATENFELS. Those results mean the only way we could win the overall championship was to flog Tassie and hope that SA beat WA. It also meant that against our own intuition and better judgement we had to barrack for the Croweaters' on Friday.   

Friday - 24/10/03 In the early game Victoria 29.21(195) defeated Tasmania nil (0.0 (0) Major goal-kickers were Darren BALL (6), Dave YOUNG (5) and Jacob BUGEJA (4) and the great win was achieved by a great overall team effort. The award winners for this game were announced during the closing function and hopefully the individual winners will remember receiving them. We had played our last card for the carnival and our fate rested solely with SA and/or WA.  With the Victoria players right behind SA the football gods favoured us and SA 6.7 (43) defeated WA 5.11 (41) <

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