Most Improved Police Team of the Year Award

The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation initiated this award which will be given annually to a Victoria Police team who has shown sustained improvement in performance in local/national/international competitions or events. This Award is proudly sponsored by the Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Nominations are now open for 2022 and need to be submitted to the Sports Administrator by 18th July 2022. The nomination form can be found at the bottom of this page to download. 

Past Winners of this Award are:

2013 – Victoria Police Netball Club for their commitment to significant improvement by indentifying weaknesses, setting goals and providing positive support which resulted in increased fitness, confidence and winning a Grand Final.

2014 – Victoria Police Hockey Club for their teams’ outstanding success at the 2013 World Police & Fire Games attributed to excellent training strategies, field tactics, increased enthusiasm and confidence to succeed at higher levels.

2015 – Victoria Police Rugby Club for their success in making the finals of the Rugby 7s competition at the 2015 World Police & Fire Games, and defeating a Victorian Country team in the annual Blue Ribbon Rugby League Charity Cup event.

2016 – Victoria Police Football Club for restructuring the club to form a solid platform of trust, loyalty, integrity and discipline, and making strong links to the current Victoria Police ‘Blue Print’.

2017-   Victoria Police Golf MatchPlay Team was involved in the Australian Police MatchPlay Championships. Through team unity and strategy, the Victorian Squad defeated Queensland in the 2016 MatchPlay Championships and ended Queenslands 7 year finals streak, to become the 'National Champions'.

2018 -   Victoria Police Cycling Club “Legacy” Ride team for their rapid improvement in rider participation and fundraising for their Victorian Legacy ride and for their involvement in the Around the Bay Cycling Ride.

2019 - Victoria Police Vikings Women's Rugby team for their performances at the innaugural National Police Women's Rugby Championships in 2018 where they became National Champions.

 Most Improved Team Nomination Form