Paul Maguire (2014)

Joined Victoria Police in 1986 and retired as a Senior Constable in 2012. 

In July 2002 Paul entered the waters of the English Channel to begin an anticipated straight line swim from Dover to Cap Gris Nez, France – a distance of 36 kilometres.

Due to tide, current and injury he was swept off course and finished up at Calais, France – a distance of 61 kilometres that took him nearly 17 hours to complete.

Paul became only the 30th Australian, and first police person to achieve a successful crossing.

In 2004 Paul returned to the channel with five other members of the Victoria Police Swimming Club to make a successful relay double crossing.

Paul also completed the 18 km ocean swim of the ‘Straits of Gibraltar’ from Spain to Morocco; ran numerous marathons including London, Paris, Melbourne; completed two ironman triathlons and 10 Murray River Canoe Marathons; kayaked the full length of the Murray River, and has cycled from Melbourne to Perth.  


Paul was inducted into the Victoria Police Sporting Hall of Fame in 2014.