Victoria Police Muslim Association

Victoria Police Muslim Association (VPMA)

Over the last 5 years, the number of Victoria Police employees of Islamic faith has increased to almost 100. These Muslims are employed in many varied areas within Victoria Police. Victoria has one of the largest Muslim communities in Australia. 

Victoria Police has committed to promote multiculturalism and diversity within its own ranks through its recently released Equity and Diversity Action Plan.

In September 2013, Chief Commissioner of Police Ken Lay sanctioned the formation of a Victoria Police Muslim Association (VPMA).

Media Liaison Officer of the of the VPMA Leading Senior Constable Albert Fatileh said, “the VPMA aims to promote social harmony and cohesion and the profile of Muslims working in Victoria Police.”

Fatileh said, “Muslim police members would participate in cultural, religious and general community events to strengthen relationships within the wider community.  Members of the VPMA have commenced working with Islamic Schools and other community groups. Fatileh said, “We will emphasise the importance of respect and acceptance of all persons, no matter race or religion, and the importance to obey the law of the land.”

The VPMA will provide support, advice, language assistance and cultural knowledge to other police members. A further expected outcome would be an improved retention of members of Islamic faith.  

The VPMA is affiliated with the Victoria Police Amateur Sports and Welfare Society.

During the recent Victoria Police Multi-Faith dinner, the President of the VPMA Leading Senior Constable Maha Sukkar was recognised for her outstanding community work and as being the first woman to wear the Hijab within a police service in Australia.

Any further enquiries about the VPMA can be directed to Leading Senior Constable Albert Fatileh via e-mail or phone 0407-566 385.