Hall of Fame


Hall of Fame Guidelines

The Victoria Police Amateur Sports & Welfare Society has initiated this award which will be given annually to acknowledge the most outstanding sporting achievement by a member or former member of a Victoria Police Team, Association or Club.

N.B a member who does not belong to a Police team, association or club can also be nominated.

 The nominee can be: 

  1. A member or former member of Victoria Police who has served for at least 7 years.
  2. A member or former member of Victoria Police who achieved their highest level of success in their sporting endeavours at least 2 years prior to the date of nomination, and who has been retired for 2 years from that level of competition, sport or endeavour.
  3. For outstanding performance or contribution to sport at any level of competition in conjunction with point 2. The level of competition can be local, interstate or international where at least one of the following attributes has been consistently displayed for at least 2 years in the sporting arena: exceptional strength, speed, skill, endurance, decision making and fair play.
  4. A member who achieved their greatest sporting success prior to joining Victoria Police, and has since served for at least 7 years. 

Further guidelines and a nomination form can be found in the 'VPAS&WS Awards' section of this website.



Sporting Hall of Fame inductees

Jack Dyer (1995)

Les Harley (1995)

John (Jack) O'Toole (1995)

Raelee Thompson (1995)

Allan Lindsay Jeans (1996)

Joseph (Joe) Rueben Sellwood (1996)

Frederick Lionel Hughson (1997)

Sam Snell (1998)

Ronald Vincent Hunt (1999)

Ronald James Taylor (2000)

Russell Cook (2001)

Ray Mitchell (2002)

Garry John Schipper (2003)

Rex Hunt (2004)

Ken Snell (2005)

William (Bill) Proudfoot (2006)

Amanda Hardy (2007)

Kellie Loughman (2008)

Geoff ‘Tex’ Rosenow (2009)

Emmett Dunne (2010)

Jack 'Copper' Evans (2011)

Bernard (Barney) Herbert (2012)

Deanne Butler (2013)

Paul Maguire (2014)

Stephen McBurney (2015)

Russell Fletcher (2016)

Lisa Hardeman (2017)

Glenn Grandy (2018)

Ross Forster (2019)