Frederick Lionel Hughson (1997)

Senior Constable 9191, served from 1938 to 1979. Born in 1914 and passed away in 1987.

Fred played 165 games with Fitzroy between 1938 and 1947, and he kicked 97 goals. He was appointed Captain and Coach of Fitzroy in 1942, and he led Fitzroy to their only premiership in 1944. He was Captain and Coach of Victoria in 1944, and was a regular State Representative. He finished third in The Brownlow Medal Count in 1941, polling 17 votes, after missing 5 games with a broken arm. He holds the record for the longest recorded drop kick at 83 yards and 11 inches. He also held the Victoria Police Middleweight Boxing Championship, and played Sub-District cricket as a fast bowler. 


Fred was inducted into the Victoria Police Sporting Hall of Fame in 1997.