Register A Club

Guidelines for the formation of a Police Sporting or Recreational Club

  1. New clubs must be established according to Victoria Police Manual - Procedures and Guidelines for Police clubs and functions.
  2. Arrange an inaugural meeting for interested parties.
  3. Advertise the meeting via Police Gazette, notice board, etc.
  4. Hold meeting, elect a committee and adopt a constitution.
  5. The constitution should follow the 'Model Rules for an Incorporated Club or Association' (contact Sports Administrator). Any approval is conditional upon serving members maintaining representation on the Committee of Management.
  6. Unless exceptional circumstances justify otherwise, approval will not be granted to clubs seeking to raise money through the conduct of any commercial enterprise involving the general public (except of charitable purposes); or using premises where a license or permit to sell or consume alcohol is required.
  7. All clubs should consider the viability of incorporation.
  8. All applications for Police Sporting and Recreational Clubs, together with a copy of the proposed constitution are to be submitted through the Station OIC for the information and recommendation of support or otherwise. The application is then forwarded to the Local Area Commander for recommendation and then to the Sports Administrator.
  9. Any subsequent amendments to a club's constitution must be approved by the Sports Administrator.
  10. Any Police Club wishing to use the police badge or other insignia, identifiable as representing the Victoria Police, on club stationary, clothing or other items must submit samples of such items with their application for approval by Media and Corpoarate Communications in accordance with the VPMP Corporate Communications.
  11. Once the application is approved the club can then become affiliated with the Victoria Police Amateur Sports and Welfare Society by paying the relevant affiliation fee. This allows information and documentation e.g. application for grants and invites to the annual Sports Awards Evening to be sent to the club.

N.B. Reference should be made to the Victoria Police Manual - Procedures and Guidelines for Police clubs and functions when reading these guidelines.