Victoria Police Mental Health and Wellbeing Study


Be part of Victoria Police history by completing the Mental Health and Wellbeing study

All employees are being strongly encouraged to participate in the upcoming Mental Health and Wellbeing study, the first of its kind to be undertaken at Victoria Police. Data from the study will be used to help shape future initiatives and measure Victoria Police’s progress towards a more supportive and less stigmatised organisational culture of mental health.

The study is being conducted by Monash University, an independent research organisation, to protect your anonymity and privacy. All responses are entirely confidential and there are strict rules in place to safeguard this at every stage of the survey process.

Conducting a mental health study was the Recommendation 1 outlined in the 2016 Mental Health Review. The Review highlighted the need for Victoria Police to fully understand the prevalence and severity of mental health conditions of its employees in its workplaces.

The study is completely voluntary, anonymous and will take around 25 minutes to complete.
We know that this is a lot of your time, but we need as many employees as possible to participate in the study to get the best data and achieve the best outcome for our organisation.

Every employee will receive a link to the study via their work email. The study will be open from 25 October to 15 November 2017 and time will be given during work hours to complete it. Participants will also be able to complete the study away from work on desktop, laptop and tablet devices.

For more information about the study or the program of works being undertaken as part of the Mental Health Review, please visit the Mental Health Program Office intranet page by clicking here (http://intranet/content.asp?Document_ID=46192) or email our PBEA (

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